"Ma feet micht be big, but the insects are safe" 

Michael Marra

Snail Trail! Observed this one night when the outside light highlighted the pattern left by the snail.

Summer 2019 was great for butterflies!!..............

Comma - view of underside showing the wee white mark which gives this butterfly its name
Small Copper
Painted Lady on Buddleia in the garden
Dark Green Fritillary also in the garden. Gorgeous!

Disgusting but interesting!  This is a crab spider on - yes - a dog's poo, waiting for a fly to arrive!  Usually crab spiders are found blending in with the petals of a flower.  (Maybe it should be called a Crap Spider?!)

Hoverfly at Himalayan Balsam

The wasp-like stripey pattern of hoverflies is designed to scare off would-be predators.  In fact, hoverflies do not sting - so please don't swat them!