"Ma feet micht be big, but the insects are safe"  Michael Marra

Shield Bug, Isle of Man
Violet Ground Beetle, Perthshire
A beautiful wee grasshopper (~1cm) on the handle of Jim Leighton's landing net on Loch Liachan, Islay.
Puffin on the Isle of May (and white campion in bloom)
One of my flat mates - Tegenaria domestica (female)
Horse's Hoof fungi at Loch of the Lowes (SWT Reserve)
Ladybirds (or "Ladybugs" as they are called in the U.S.) congregating on a tree in northern California and soaking up some solar energy pre-hibernation.
A woodlouse (or "slater" as we say in Scotland) out foraging for food.
This beautiful caterpillar was feeding on blaeberry leaves high in the hills of Perthshire, May 2015. Larva of the Dark Tussock Moth (Dicallomera fascelina) - I think!
Green Tiger Beetle, Wester Ross

The Green Tiger Beetle is one of the most colourful insects we have in Scotland.  It is a hunter and can give a human a sair nip!  Look for them if you're walking along a sandy path on a warm sunny day in summer.  They often fly up ahead of you then land a short distance away.

Hoverfly at Himalayan Balsam

The wasp-like stripey pattern of hoverflies is designed to scare off would-be predators.  In fact, hoverflies do not sting - so please don't swat them!