En route home from a few days in Moidart, we called by Lochyside, Fort William, to visit Aonghas and Moira Grant.  They were in good form and being kept entertained by their new kitten!  Aonghas was having a bit of a clear out and gave me a load of music.  Here's one of the tunes from the pile - "Da Auld Noost" - a bonnie slow air by Ronald Jameson of Shetland.

Click on the wee dram below to watch a video of Pete playing "Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife" beneath Niel Gow's Oak on the banks of the River Tay near Dunkeld.

Click on the picture of Niel Gow Cottage below to watch a video of Pete rehearsing with Hazel Murch before their performance of "2nd Lieutenant Archibold Morrison, Royal Scots" on Remembrance Sunday, 11th November 2018.

The Dunkeld Bridge Collection, Vol. 1

Fiddle music from highland Perthshire

by Pete Clark, Edited by Jane Marx

[Published by Inver Music]


Extract from review in "Fiddler" magazine:

This is so much more than a music book – it’s a great read on many levels.  It’s an entertaining history of the people and the area via music, text, paintings, and photographs.  After reading it, you’ll feel as if you were treated to a whirlwind trip to highland Perthshire!

Mary Larsen

Fiddler Magazine