Muriel Johnstone is not only a fabulous pianist but also a composer of many fine tunes!  Gave a very successful house concert earlier this month in aid of the Niel Gow memorial fund.  Definitely worth repeating!

Once upon a time, Muriel lived in Canada, where a pair of ravens used to visit her garden.  The Raven is a very special bird in the folklore of the first nation people.

The Dunkeld Bridge Collection, Vol. 1

Fiddle music from highland Perthshire

by Pete Clark, Edited by Jane Marx

[Inver Music; available from musicinscotland.com]

Extract from review in "Fiddler" magazine:


This is so much more than a music book – it’s a great read on many levels.  It’s an entertaining history of the people and the area via music, text, paintings, and photographs.  After reading it, you’ll feel as if you were treated to a whirlwind trip to highland Perthshire!


Mary Larsen

Fiddler Magazine, Winter 2015/16