Variety is the spice ...

Pete & Gregor by Gina Wright

Concerts, recitals, ceilidh dances .....

all very enjoyable and no two gigs ever the same!

September, and a concert at Lude House, Blair Atholl with Muriel Johnstone (to raise funds for repairs to the 15th century Kilmaveonaig ChurchThank you to the Gordon family for hosting the event!

"The Twa Fiddles" concert  at the Scottish Parliament was a memorable evening.  Alastair McCulloch played the Gregg Violin (once owned by a dancing master who played for Burns and his cronies at the Bachelor's Club) and yours truly played Niel Gow's fiddle.  Thanks to John Swinney for sponsoring this event.

The first "Twa Fiddles" performance was in Ayr on the 23rd January.

Pete with Alexander "Sasha" Mezek after his special birthday concert in Ljubljana Opera House, Slovenia, November 2018.

A birthday ball and concert for Bill Zobel at Fingask Castle (a very dreich Saturday but glorious sunshine on the Sunday!)

John Swinney MSP, Muriel Johnstone & Pete Clark at the Scottish Parliament, May 2018

In May 2018, John Swinney MSP sponsored a concert at the Scottish Parliament, to help raise the profile of the Niel Gow Festival Society and its goal - the creation of a memorial to Niel Gow in Dunkeld.

A big thank you to John!