Fiddle Weeks in Dunkeld

Twice a year, in May and September at the Birnam Arts, Birnam, Dunkeld (a 5-minute walk from the train station!)  Limited to 15 students on a first come first served basis.

Fiddle Week highlights include rehearsals with the Strathspey & Reel Society and Mid-Atholl Strings & Things and the regular Thursday night sessions (yes, two sessions!) at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel and at the Taybank.  And delicious tapas at the Dunkeld Deli!

Fiddlers (and a cellist) at the Birnam Oak, September 2023

I teach online via Skype and ZOOM, and occasionally have places available.  Please contact me if interested.

Visitors from the U.S. by the River Tay (Eastwood House in the background) Sept. 2023



SPRING: May 6-10


AUTUMN: September 2-6


at Birnam Arts, Birnam, Perthshire


Worthwhile coming?  See the students' comments below ....

Feedback from Fiddle Week participants:

Quality throughout! / the course was just right - developing musicianship rather than learning tunes, tunes, tunes / Superb and inspiring / The excursions were fantastic / Super-friendly atmosphere / Highlights? Too many to list! / Good size of group / Love the history aspects of Perthshire fiddling / Relaxed environment / Lots of thanks for the best ever weeks tuition / Was a lot more than just a fiddle week! / Loved the outings, as they very much put the music in context / Will highly recommend this week to other back home / It's been an outstanding week! / Loved the whole week!  Going home for a rest! - Great - always something for every level of experience / goes by too quickly /  It’s hard to say what was the highlight – there were so many! / Just what I was looking for! /I really enjoyed the relaxed, informal nature of Fiddle Week days / I wouldn’t want it to change / this has been an incredibly rich experience! / The evening sessions were wonderful! / The week was all I had hoped for / I thought it was perfect / the atmosphere was brilliant! / It’s been a fantastic week! / Dunkeld is a very welcoming place for musicians / Every day was filled with highlights / A very well-balanced course / Absolutely wonderful week, learned so much / Best yet / … meeting lovely people / It was a fantastic week / I learned a huge amount / Dunkeld is an amazing place!

Improve your fiddling in the land of Niel Gow!

VIDEO!!  Click on the above picture to watch Pete playing Niel Gow's fiddle beneath Niel Gow's Oak on the banks of the River Tay.  The tune is

"Farewell to Whisky", played in the original key of Bb.

The Course:

Aimed at players of intermediate / advanced ability levels, the class size is 15 students max.  

Begins 10am on the Monday and ends Friday lunchtime.  Each day there are 4x1-hour classes (except on Friday, when classes end at 12.30pm).

Evening events may include: a session with the Dunkeld & District Strathspey & Reel Society, a Tapas Night in the Deli, a pub session and more.

(Watercolour painting and fly fishing are other possibilities!)


Private lessons may be arranged by appointment.  They may be on a weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc basis - whatever suits you!  

Bespoke Fiddle Weeks for groups, tailored to specific repertoire or aspects of technique and performance as requested.

If you'd like to know more, please do leave a message in my guestbook and I will get back to you!

Rua Macmillan masterclass at the September 2018 Fiddle Week

During the week, aspects of technique, style and performance are addressed via a comprehensive range of repertoire.  Students are encouraged to work without sheet music in the first instance, BUT every student is given a course book containing "dots" for the tunes covered during the course.

Students are invited to suggest in advance areas of technique or repertoire on which they would like to focus.

After-lunch excursions provide visitors with opportunities to see something of Dunkeld, its surroundings and its wildlife.


Places to stay during Fiddle Week include:

The Merryburn (Birnam)

Tay House (Dunkeld)

The Atholl Arms (Dunkeld)

The Royal Dunkeld Hotel

Invermill Caravan Park (vans and camping)

Sadly, JessieMac's Guest House has been sold.  Regulars will miss Brenda, Dot and the fantastic accommodation.

Photos from fiddle week over the years ....

A fiddle student .... with gloves on!  Ardal O'Hanlon aka Father Dougal tries his hand at fiddling, sitting on Niel Gow's Oak (I suspect that taking the gloves off would have made little difference!)