Short films by John P. Martin which show Pete playing Niel Gow's fiddle beneath Niel Gow's Oak (the Fiddle Tree), on the bank of the River Tay opposite Dunkeld House.

This fiddle (above) was once Niel Gow's favourite.  Click on the picture below to watch Pete playing it while sitting beneath Niel Gow's Oak (aka the "Fiddle Tree") on the banks of the River Tay.

The tunes in the first medley are Mrs MacDouall Grant (Nathaniel Gow) / Mrs Donaldson (Niel Gow) / Orchill Graham (Niel Gow).

John Crerar was taught by Niel Gow (the Duke of Atholl paid for his lessons).  In his working life, John Crerar became head keeper on Atholl Estate and is one of the gentlemen portrayed in Landseer's painting, "Death of a Stag in Glen Tilt", which hangs in the ballroom at Blair Castle.

Click on the picture of Inver (below) to watch Pete playing a medley of John Crerar's tunes:

The Banks of Garry / The Big Boat of Inver / The Merry Lads of Inver / Inver Lasses