Bonnie Brown Trout from Loch Avich, Argyll
A 6lb Rainbow Trout from Butterstone Loch, in great condition.

Pike on the fly are something else!  This is a 10lb female from Butterstone. Mid-May and she hadn't yet spawned.  It's been a cold start to the year (which perhaps explains the clarity of the water due to low algal levels. Quite often like pea soup by now.

Caught a fine Brown Trout in northern Sweden (while seeking the elusive Charr).

The Troot Tour

"Troot Tour - The Movie"!

Click on the trout below to watch highlights from

The Troot Tour 2013 and The Troot Tour 2012, complete with sound track!!

Click on the above troot for Troot Tour 2013 movie!
Click on the above troot for Troot Tour 2012 movie!

See Bruce Sandison's feature ("A Man May Fish") in the March 2012 edition of the magazine Fly Fishing & Fly Tying on my "Press" page. )

Sadly, in October 2016, Bruce left us for that big loch in the sky.  Scottish wild salmon lost a great champion, and he will be missed by all those who read his books or had the good fortune to meet him.