A 4-pound rainbow from Butterstone Loch
Bonnie fish! A Striped Bass from Boston Harbour.

Had a fishless day on a wee Perthshire hill loch (I nearly caught a trout!).  But what a fabulous landscape in which to fish.

5.5lbs on a large yellow streamer fly

Had a good evening after the pike on Butterstone, catching three and losing two.  Not huge pike, but great fun.  (All fish were returned alive to the loch.)

And saw a spectacular roost of Sand Martins in a reed bed.

Bart and fishing guide Bryan Kelly with a smallmouth bass

what a way to spend a day - drift-fishing down the Potomac River just south of Harpers Ferry, WV.  My friend Bart had the largest bass.

I caught (and released) 5 small ones plus a very colourful Long-eared Sunfish.

A bonnie wee sunfish from the Potomac

The Troot Tour

A char from Loch Borolan


2018 saw the 10th annual Troot Tour.  We had the company of our good friend John Weatherby, who drove us from loch to loch.  Sadly, Gregor missed the tour, having lost his mum the preceding week.

The tour is only possible due to the willing and selfless support of the many people who help us out with venues, accommodation, transport and, of course, fishing.  Thank you all.

Ben Loyal from Kyle of Tongue
At Loch Meadie, Sutherland

The Troot Tour 2017 was great craic! Gregor, Jim and I caught quite a few trout (mostly small and all carefully returned to their watery homes), saw beautiful places and fabulous wildlife, and enjoyed jovial banter on the road between lochs and gigs.

Fine sunset over the Cuillin, viewed from Tarskavaig, Troot Tour 2016 (The vista wasn't quite so clear in 2017!!)

The Not Only Troot Tour!

On the beach at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

A "Troot Tour" with a difference!  A wee tour of the U.S. with Gregor Lowrey included some great fishing (of course), and not just "troots".  In addition to rainbows, we caught flounder, bluefish, speckled trout, white bass, smallmouth bass and bluegill (I say "we", but Mr Lowrey did most of the catching!)

A big thank you all who made this adventure possible!

"Troot Tour 2013 - The Movie"!

Click on the trout below to watch highlights from

The Troot Tour 2013 and The Troot Tour 2012, complete with sound track!!

Click on the above troot for Troot Tour 2013 movie!
Click on the above troot for Troot Tour 2012 movie!

See Bruce Sandison's feature ("A Man May Fish") in the March 2012 edition of the magazine Fly Fishing & Fly Tying on my "Press" page. www.flyfishing-and-flytying.co.uk

Sadly, Bruce left us for that great loch in the sky, November 2016.  He will be missed by all who knew him.