Variety is the spice ...

Pete & Gregor by Gina Wright

Concerts, recitals, ceilidh dances .....

all very enjoyable and no two gigs ever the same!

A very special concert on the 23rd January!!

Pete with Alexander "Sasha" Mezek after his special birthday concert in Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 2018.

A birthday ball and concert for Bill Zobel at Fingask Castle (a very dreich Saturday but a fabulous Sunday!

John Swinney MSP, Muriel Johnstone & Pete Clark at the Scottish Parliament, May 2018

In May 2018, John Swinney MSP sponsored a concert at the Scottish Parliament, to help raise the profile of the Niel Gow Festival Society and its goal - the creation of a memorial to Niel Gow in Dunkeld.

A big thank you to John!